Your Neighbors

Dale AndersonA few of the notable people from this area:

  • Dale Anderson (singer, actor, producer) – Search for the Underground River, Caesar’s Palace and others; Native Houstonian & longtime Woodlands resident
  • Ross Anderson (Prop Master for Spelling, Fox & NBC) - The Event, Heroes, Providence, The Love Boat,Brats/Home of the Brave,Titans, Safe Harbor, Love Boat/The Next Wave and others; (Asst. Prop Master for Dreamworks,Warner Brothers,Fox & Spelling) - Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, The Time Machine,Ball and Chain,Beverly Hills 90210,Pacific Palisades,Relativity,Alien Nation/The Enemy Within,Alien Nation/The Udara Legacy,Winnetka Road and others; graduated from Spring High School, University of Houston
  • Greg Baldwin (actor) - Uncle Iroh on the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, graduated from Spring High School in 1978.
  • Matthew Bomer (actor) - Neal Caffrey on the USA Network comedy-drama White Collar, graduated from Spring's Klein High School, with fellow actor Lee Pace.
  • Lee Pace (actor) - Ned on the ABC series Pushing Daisies, graduated from Spring's Klein High School, with fellow actor Matthew Bomer.
  • Laura Wilkinson (Olympic diver) - Gold Medalist in platform diving 2000 Summer Olympics also graduated from Klein High School with Lee Pace and Matthew Bomer.
  • Chad Hedrick (Speedskater) - 2006, 2010 Olympian - 5 Olympic medals
  • Stephen Rippy (composer) - Grew up in the Spring area[63]
  • Mike Jackson (MLB pitcher – Houston Astros) - Pitched for the Astros and 7 other teams from 1986 to 2004.
  • Josh Beckett (MLB Pitcher - Boston Red Sox) - was born and raised in Spring and attended Spring High School. He was selected USA Today's High School Pitcher of the Year.
  • Eddie Fatu a.k.a. Umaga (wrestler) - resided in Spring
  • Jim Parsons (actor) - Sheldon Cooper on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, graduated from Klein Oak High School.
  • Ben Rappaport (actor) - Todd Dempsy on the NBC sitcom "Outsourced (TV series)" is from Spring
  • Danny Amendola (NFL player - St. Louis Rams)
  • Lance Blanks ( Professional basketball player)
  • Win Butler (Frontman)-  for the Grammy Award winning Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire
  • Hayes Carll (Country musician)
  • Chamillionare (rapper, singer, CEO, and philanthropist)
  • Jim Deshaies (MLB pitcher & announcer - Houston Astros)
  • Doug Drabek (MLB – Houston Astros)
  • Kyle Drabek (MLB - Toronto Blue Jays & son of Doug Drabek)
  • Jack Ingram (Country Musician)
  • Gerald Irons (NFL - Cleveland Browns & Oakland Raiders)
  • Larry Izzo (NFL Free Agen)t
  • David Macias (MLB - Minor League)
  • Nick Mitchell (Professional wrestler). Owner of the fashion boutique called "Officially Jaded" in Market Street, The Woodlands.
  • Jameson Taillon (MLB - Pittsburgh Pirates) Drafted 2nd overall in the 2010 MLB Draft.
  • Torrie Wilson (American professional wrestler, fitness competitor and model). Owner of the fashion boutique called "Officially Jaded" in Market Street, The Woodlands

And you can only imagine all the notable people from the entire Houston area from actors to sports figures to politicians, the Texas Gulf Coast has lots of reasons to boast!

Notable people list courtesy of Wikipeda