Appeal To Their Senses

THE SENSE OF SMELL - You have worked hard to make the outside warm and inviting.  Now it is time to seize the moment to impress the house hunter with a perfect setting.  Appeal to the buyer's sense of smell which will be the 1st thing a potential buyer may notice upon entering your home.  The key is "fresh-clean-odorless".  Everything MUST be neat and clean.  Avoid air fresheners or potpourri but know that essential oils remove odors.  In most home stores you can find essential oils with wicks that will soak up the fragrance, removing odors and providing a fresh, pleasant scent. 

THE SENSE OF SIGHT (SEEING) - Appeal to their sense of sight.  Paint EVERYTHING that needs it.  It will not only look better, but will look clean and smell fresh.  While that bright pink room may be charming with its butterfly stencils, it may present a distraction to a potential buyer.  So keep colors neutral and simple.  Paint is the easiest and least expensive method of change.  Cool colors make a room look bigger, while warm colors make a room appear cozier. 
The more light the bigger the room appears.  Keep lamps on and make sure rooms are well lit by replacing lower watt bulbs with 60 watt.  Keep blinds, curtains and shades open to the outside (but make sure the outside is appealing too) so the buyer can connect to the outside. Repair or replace broken blinds and make sure glass sliding doors operate as intended, with easy movement and clean glass.
By all means, remove anything that may even appear offensive. 

THE SENSE OF SOUND (HEARING) - Appeal to their sense of hearing by having music, such as light classical or smooth jazz playing softly in the background.  It will create ambience and will encourage the buyer to 'slow down".  You may need to create a noise buffer if on a busy street or neighbors to a noisy dog.  Consider hanging a set of appealing chimes from the front and back porches.  If you have a pool or spa, showcase these features by running them.  Not only will they look nice and give a positive focal point but can help to drown-out any unwanted noise from streets and neighbors. 

THE SENSE OF TOUCH (FEELING) - Appeal to the buyer's since of touch by keeping the thermostat between 68-70 degrees.

And by all means, don’t feel like you have to fill up a vacant house!


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