Steps Before Closing

Remember These Steps Before Closing On A Home!

Arrange for a Mover – Get several WRITTEN estimates from movers specific to your required service.  Do this several weeks before you close and by all means, CHECK THEIR REFERENCES.

Notify Services and Utility CompaniesBe sure to notify all utilities companies of your impending sale to find out when they should be transferred to the new owner or perhaps disconnected completely.  ALWAYS KEEP UTILTIES ON THROUGHOUT THE SELLING PROCESS. Weather conditions, showings and inspections will require utility service including electricity, gas and water.  Also notify the post office, insurance companies, movers, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, etc. several weeks prior to moving out of your current home. And don’t forget to change over mailing and billing addresses to your creditors.

Inspections  - Typically during an “Option Period” your Buyer will schedule inspections to be done on your current home.  Inspections may include but are not limited to General, Termite, Environmental and Structural inspections.  It is not necessary for you to attend and in most cases, your Buyer will prefer you not to be, so that the inspector will be  able to converse openly with them regarding the home and the inspector’s findings. Remember, all utilities must be on in order for a full inspection of the property to occur.

Final Walk-ThroughYour buyer will more than likely perform a Final Walk-Through with their realtor.  You do not need to attend and will in most cases occur just before the closing appointment.  If at all possible, and unless a Seller’s Leaseback has been agreed upon, you and all belongings should be removed.  Buyers will be checking not only the obvious, but also the plumbing and electrical systems as well as all appliances.

Once the closing and funding occurs, the property and all contents become the legal property of the Buyer including anything left in the garage and attic.  Make sure all trash has been disposed of properly. 

Make sure any agreed repairs and cleaning have been completed and receipts have been kept to be presented at closing. 

Closing Costs –Check with your Escrow Officer  or Realtor about money due from you to be brought to Closing. The amount may not be available until 24-hours prior to your appointment.  These funds must be in the form of a Certified Check or Wire Transfer. If you will be using a Wire Transfer, call the title company for wiring instructions when you set the appointment.  And by all means, BRING YOUR PHOTO ID such as your CURRENT  Drivers License or Passport.

Buyer’s Remorse – It is common for Buyers AND SELLERS to feel stressed or remorseful during and after the sale.  Educating yourself about the process can help to minimize this often painful feeling.


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