Sell Your Home Faster And for More Money

Since the 1st impression is crucial, properly staging will set your home apart from the competition.  It is the vital process of glamorizing the look of your home by presenting it in the optimum way to maximize its selling price. Turn your home into a marketable product by following some basic principles.   Staging can be broken down into 2 degrees:

  • 1. Cleaning, straightening, accessorizing and de-cluttering
  • 2. Major Upgrades

Prioritize and focus on areas that will bring the greatest results.  No longer is it enough to simply present a neat, clean home in good repair.  You must also create a pleasing experience for the buyer and it can be as simple as rearranging some furniture and accessorizing. 
Look around your home with an objective eye and ask yourself these questions:

  • What needs work? 
  • Does my home create an attention grabber or a hodge-podge of our everyday family life?

See it how it is, and visualize how it can be by creating a "WOW FACTOR."  Present a pleasing scene in every room, avoiding distractions.  Keep in mind the saying, "LESS IS MORE". 


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