• Paint walls and woodwork where necessary
  • Clean draperies and carpeting (check to see if carpet needs stretching)
  • Fix any dripping faucets (perhaps only a washer is needed)
  • Replace old caulking around bathtubs (caulking and a putty knife may be all that’s needed)
  • Spray lubricant on all squeaking doors, windows, closets and cabinets
  • Place a solid deodorizer in rooms where needed or essential oil sets
  • Store out-of-season clothes so that the closets don’t have a cluttered look
  • Remove items from the floors of walk-in closets so that prospects can have easy access
  • Avoid too many appliances on the kitchen counter; Less is more and by all means, put away bills, keys, medications and other non-essentials
  • Put away personal bathroom items such as razors, shampoo, hair products, toothpaste and brushes
  • Go ahead and pack away items that may clutter your home;  Extra toys in your child’s room, knick-knacks and collections may actually make your rooms appear smaller
  • Wash all windows
  • Clean ceiling fans and ventilating hoods
  • Clean and polish floors; Don’t forget the baseboards
  • Remove stains from toilets, tubs and sinks; For toilet rings, a pumice stone works wonders. They can be found in stick-form on most cleaning aisles
  • Stack all items in the garage against the walls to show maximum floor space
  • Clean the garage floor and rafters
  • Make sure the garage door opener functions properly
  • Change out AC filters
  • Make sure laundry room is tidy
  • Clean your home top to bottom or consider a professional detailing cleaning service

Download this Interior Checklist in pdf for your own use.

  • Cut and edge the lawn weekly for a finished appearance
  • Trim all shrubbery and remove low lying tree limbs
  • Water the grass and flowerbeds as needed to keep foliage fresh and lush
  • Fertilize your lawn to make your grass look lush and green
  • Plant colorful flowers in the front and back yards
  • Replace damaged shutters, gutters and downspouts.
  • Remove debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Paint any trim that is blistering
  • Repaint or re-stain the front door to create a pleasant 1st impression.
  • Replace torn screens on windows and doors.
  • Check the roof for lose or missing shingles
  • Check doors and windows for missing or weathered caulking and replace as needed
  • Make sure all dirt and grass is pulled from slab (The Termite Inspector will get you on this one if he can’t see where the slab and brickwork or siding meet.)
  • Power-wash porches, patios, sidewalks, the driveway and garage flooring
  • Clean pool and spa; Ensure the water is sparkling clean with no debris
  • Remove pet bowls and toys from walkways
  • Make sure lawn furniture is neat and clean or remove all-together

This is just a partial list.  Enlist the help of a friend or neighbor to walk the exterior of your house with a keen eye to catch trouble spots before your potential buyer does.

Download this Exterior Checklist in pdf for your own use.


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