Exterior Staging

I’ve had Buyer’s totally dismiss a home before we’ve even entered it based upon the Curb Appeal….the way the home looks and makes them feel when they 1st drive up.

Power-wash brick, driveway and sidewalks if there are any visible signs of dirt or mildew and stain or touch-up chipped paint.  Clean out gutters and downspouts.  Make sure no shingles are missing but make sure any potential leaks are repaired first.  Mow, trim hedges below windows if possible and weed and rake flowerbeds.  Better yet, add some fresh mulch where needed as well as new sod where bare. Trim trees from the bottom and remove dead or sickly branches.  You might even plant some colorful flowers at the base of the trees for added curb appeal.  And even in winter, make sure your lawn is kept in tip-top shape by mowing and watering when needed.  In the spring, be sure to fertilize for a green yard.  If you have a pool or spa, make sure it is sparkling and in good condition.  Hose off the AC unit and make sure there are no leaves or branches clanking in the fan or obstructing its airflow.

Haul away any yard waste such as old or broken dawn equipment or furniture.  Nothing distracts from a well-manicured yard faster than an old, rusty yard furniture, bar-b-q pit or toys scattered about the yard.  Store away boats, campers, unused vehicles and lawn equipment.

Garages and attics are especially appealing to men.  Make sure yours is neat and orderly.  Replace burned out light bulbs so they can see from wall to wall and replace broken windows or torn screens.

DECORATING THE EXTERIOR - As suggested, a small wind chime hung on the porch will go a long way to distract from a noisy street and consider hanging a new front door and replacing that old door mat.  While you are at it, polish the front door hinge and install a new door plate if needed. Decorate the front porch with seasonal plants even in winter months, to add color and a strong curb appeal.  You might consider placing a planter filled with colorful flowers at the front door. 

Block any unwanted views like a utility box or pole by planting shrubs or arbor.  Create privacy and intimacy by grouping a couple of lawn chairs and table for morning coffee.

A little can go a long way to make your house stand out from the competition!


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